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Issue #67 invalid

Error post installation

Anonymous created an issue

Hello. I installed 0.6 and 0.71 in my computer with WAMP, EasyPHP, servapp and then i installed on 1and1 server. It finishes the installation all the times, but when i click on 'start using openbiblio' after creating tables i always receive this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getThemeid() on a non-object in /.............. /htdocs/openbiblio/shared/read_settings.php on line 46. I always installed tables. Do you know why this happens? Thanks.

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    This is what I understand from your question:

    • Tried installing on a number of different server environments. You always end up with the same error.
    • Tried installing the 0.7.1 release, so it is unlikely that OpenBiblio incorrectly claims that install was successful (#57 for versions older than 0.7.1)

    Just to be sure, can you check that the tables are created? Check the attachment for an example. What do you see?

    Sometimes the error is caused by a translation. Did you add a translation before installing? What is the result when you choose English?

  2. Hans van der Weij

    Not enough information to call this a bug.

    Installing 0.7.1 with a 0.6 translation that misses /locale/<language_code>/sql/0.7.1/ results in

    Wrong number of result rows: expected 1, got 0

    Installing 0.6 with missing translation sql results in error reported by user.

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