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We have a scenario where books would be searchable by name of author for example, but where the books are not necessarily available in the language of the author name in that language. I'm not sure how logically this should be handeled, but a multilingual environment might need a way to overcome such an issue!

for example, if we have an author who has translated and untranslated books; searching by author name should bring all of them regardless of the language of the author name; right?

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    I'm not an expert on multilingual databases and transliteration, so I'm not really sure. Perhaps you can use added entries for the author's personal name. That is supported by OpenBiblio 0.7.1.

    Refer to OpenBiblio 0.7.1 install instructions for information about using other character sets for the database than latin1. You might experience issues with search, this might be dependent on server configuration.

    Using parallel data in linked 880 fields can not be done in OpenBiblio 0.7.1

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