Please add support for printing Cyrillic names on barcode labels.

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Anonymous created an issue

Hello. Can you please add support for printing Cyrillic names of books and readers when printing labels with barcodes to PDF using UTF-8 locale? Now, when I use Reports → Report results → Labels, I get PDF with no symbols at all in places where Russian letters should be.

Also a search by (at least) author name is case-sensitive.

Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Thanks for your feedback. As the install instructions say, UTF-8 support still is very limited.

    When the database character set is to utf8, search is case sensitive for multi-byte characters. A fix is attached, this should replace the file in the /classes/ directory.

    There is also a patch that enables UTF-8 support for pdf layouts: We haven't evaluated this yet, but I expect Cyrillic fonts still would be missing. So there is no quick fix for printing Cyrillic using pdf layouts. Perhaps you can hire someone to speed things up, you can ask on the Help forum.

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