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almahaverty created an issue

Can you tell me how to export my Openbiblio records all at once to a text file?

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Very simple: using OpenBiblio's interface, try tab Reports. Let's choose Copy Search for example. Choose Format CSV before hitting the Submit button. Disadvantage: you only get data for columns defined in the report. Tip: there are many other reports, also for download. And using a custom layout (that would have to be programmed), almost anything is possible.

    Advanced: it's also possible to export the complete database, but you'll have to work outside OpenBiblio using SQL.

    Our help forum is a better place for questions like this. More people will read it. http://sourceforge.net/projects/obiblio/forums/forum/164978

  2. almahaverty reporter

    Thank you for the help! I do need the entire database but I don't think I have the advanced programing knowledge it sounds like is required. I will post on the sourceforge forum maybe someone can walk me through.

  3. Hans van der Weij

    Then you should tell us for what purpose the text file is needed!

    It is not very complicated if you want to move your OpenBiblio database to a different webhost, or if you need a backup. If you need to convert the OpenBiblio database to another (library) system, it can be more complicated. It depends on the other system and on the information you have in your database. It is probably not difficult if (almost) all the information of your records is visible in the Bibliography Edit pages.

  4. almahaverty reporter

    Our school is converting to a system which needs to have the records as an Excel file in order to upload. I'd like to bring all the information which is visible in the Bibliography Edit pages over to the new system.

    Any help is hugely appreciated!

    Should I post this question/request on sourceforge? Or would you be willing to try for a few more posts to walk me through to an Excel file?

  5. Hans van der Weij

    I have prepared a report that might be useful for very simple data. Download the attachment added above, rename it to export.rpt and copy this file to OpenBiblio's reports directory. http://obiblio.sourceforge.net/index.php/Main/AddingReportsAndLayouts

    Use the export report as instructed in the third comment from above.

    The report code is untested. The export is limited to fields from database table biblio, so it does not include fields like Edition, Publisher, ISBN, Physical description, etc. If you also need those fields it's probably better to do the export outside OpenBiblio, using SQL. Then you should ask on the sourceforge forum, but probably it will take more than a few posts...

  6. Hans van der Weij

    The code works, Excel can import the exported csv file right when the extension is changed in .txt

    Missed a column: .column title_remainder

    It would be possible to add columns with data from MARC fields / biblio_field table. This requires additional SQL for every column.

  7. almahaverty reporter

    Thank you so much, I am back at the school today and will follow your instructions.

    Again, I appreciate this so much!

  8. almahaverty reporter

    Finally able to get password to get into our openbiblio file at the school. I added this report and ran one. It did contain most of what we need!

    A few things though are not coming up - like the columns existed for the topical terms but no data came over. I think I understand why they didn't come up on the report and I am trying to search out the terms used for each biblio field so I could maybe edit slightly and stop bugging you.

    I will keep searching through the forums for them but the fields I still need to come up on the report are: -all the topical terms -summary -purchase price -ISBN -statement of responsibilty

    Again, thank you so much!

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