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Modify time zone

Anonymous created an issue

It will be very interesting for user of free serves, like 000webhost, the possibility in the Library Preferences to change the Time Zone.

By example, my server is in the GMT-8 (and I can't modify this), but my library is on GMT-3.

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  1. Fred LaPlante

    Go to the your openbiblio 'shared' folder, look for the 'common.php' file. Find the following lines: #### --- For those unable to set their time zone in PHP.ini --- #### #### for valid entries see: http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php //date_default_timezone_set ( "America/New_York" ); Remove the '//' above and modify the content using information found in the above web site.

    This will over-ride the server default timezone setting. I use it here and it works just fine.

    Fred LaPlante

  2. Hans van der Weij

    Fred is referring to the code for version 1.0 Work In Progress

    For 0.6.x / 0.7.x and your timezone, try adding the following to common.php:

    date_default_timezone_set ( "America/Sao_Paulo" );

    Or try

    date_default_timezone_set ( "Etc/GMT-3" );

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