Importing csv (using patch); is there a way to import "subject" fileds

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Issue #94 resolved
Maysara Abdulhaq created an issue

As importing marc seems to not include a few fields that are heavily used by obiblio (no?), the csv import mechanism seemed appropriate, but can it import subject fileds and map them, can they be marc values? that are replicated in two locations? if not, what appropriate marc values should be used that maybe can be later refilled in biblio table using a query?

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Upload CSV Data (when the patch is installed), look for the bottom of the page:

    All other MARC data can also be imported by use of the MARC tag (e.g. 020$a for ISBN). Use 650$a for setting the five topic fields in the biblio table. Also you should also be able to use other MARC fields for topics, like 650$x or 650$z.

  2. Maysara Abdulhaq reporter

    I managed to get it to work, actually it was funny that the topic fields do not appear in the Marc edit view, which was misleading. but then i managed to import data into topic using 650$a1 650$a2 650$a3 650$a4 650$a5 .

  3. Maysara Abdulhaq reporter

    This issue has been resolved for me as i explained, maybe its worth documenting it in the patch (or incorporate the patch in the code

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