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Interact with the API

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$ npm install machinepack-fullcontact


For the latest usage documentation, version information, and test status of this module, see <a href="" title="Interact with the API (for node.js)"></a>;. The generated manpages for each machine contain a complete reference of all expected inputs, possible exit states, and example return values. If you need more help, or find a bug, jump into Gitter or leave a message in the project newsgroup.

About Gitter

This is a machinepack, an NPM module which exposes a set of related Node.js machines according to the machinepack specification.
Documentation pages for the machines contained in this module (as well as all other NPM-hosted machines for Node.js) are automatically generated and kept up-to-date on the <a href="" title="Public machine registry for Node.js">public registry</a>.
Learn more at <a href="" title="Machine Project FAQ (for implementors)"></a>;.


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