Java 9, sun.misc.URLClasspath and sun.misc.Resource are encapsulated

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Procyon is incompatible with the current public release of Java 9.

This affects CompilerTools, com.strobel.assembler.metadata.ClasspathTypeLoader

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  1. Mike Strobel repo owner

    Already have a fix for this. I’ll get it checked in to the develop branch tonight. Release will take longer, as I have to run a few more tests on other merged features, but hopefully this weekend.

  2. Mike Strobel repo owner

    It’s not a complete fix; I had to temporarily remove support for using ClasspathTypeLoader with custom/arbitrary classpaths. If you had planned on writing a more comprehensive fix, feel free to submit it :).

  3. Mike Strobel repo owner

    @BrajeshK The way to contribute would be to fork my repository on BitBucket, create a branch off of develop (not default), push your changes to your branch, and then submit a pull request to merge your changes into my repo.

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