Brigl, a WebGL renderer for LDraw models

Brigl is a javascript program that reads and parses LDraw models, and render 
them with WebGL.

Online demo

See it in action: http://www.lugato.net/brigl/index.html

How it works

Brigl is 100% pure javascript, with no server logic. The only thing stored
on the server is the parts library, a set of small files with the 3d
model of each piece. Any static server can be used, no need for php or other
When you ask Brigl to render an LDraw model, it fetches all needed parts and
subparts from the server, and assemble the model in your browser memory.
It then starts a WebGL context and renders your model!

* Load any user submitted model
* Parses standard, unprocessed LDraw format
* Multipart support
* Display line edges (only nonconditional)
* Smooth shading of curved surfaces
* Support building steps
* Zoom, Rotate and Pan view
* Multiple view per page

How to use

To use this library you must download and prepare LDraw part library.
Please follow instructions in HOWTO.txt