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Makes bzr/hg/git/svn checkouts in several places according to a config file.

The advantage: you've got one command with which you can update all your checkouts. And with which you can ask for a list of uncommitted changes. And you can rebuild your entire checkout structure on a new machine just by copying the config file (this was actually the purpose I build it for: I had to change laptops when I switched jobs...).

Warning: I only tested it on OSX and linux, so no guarantees for windows. If there are changes needed, they'll probably be minor. So I welcome bug reports and patches.

Generic usage

What I normally do every morning when I get to work is checkoutmanager up. This grabs the latest versions of all my checkouts from the server(s). So an svn up for my subversion checkouts, a hg pull -u for mercurial and so on.

From time to time, I'll do a checkoutmanager st to show if I've got some uncommitted files lying around somewhere. Very handy if you've worked in several directories throughout the day: it prevents you from forgetting to check in that one bugfix for a whole week.

A new project means I add a single line to my config file and run checkoutmanager co.

Checkoutmanager allows you to spread your checkouts over multiple directories. It cannot mix version control systems per directory, however. As an example, I've got a ~/buildout/ directory with my big svn website projects checked out there. And a directory with my svn work python libraries. And a ~/hg/ dir with my mercurial projects. And I've made checkouts of several config directories in my home dir, such as ~/.emacs.d, ~/.subversion and so on. Works just fine.


Available commands:

Print whether checkouts are present or missing
Grab latest version from the server.
Print status of files in the checkouts
Grab missing checkouts from the server
Print directories that are missing from the config file

Output directory naming

If you don't specify an output directory name for your checkout url, it just takes the last part. One exception: subversion. It is intelligent there:

If you want something else, just specify a directory name (separated by a space) in the configuration file.

Config file

Sample configuration file: