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File docs/source/searching.rst

     with myindex.searcher() as s:
         qp = QueryParser("content", schema=myindex.schema)
-        q = queryparser.parse(u"hello world")
+        q = qp.parse(u"hello world")
         results =

File docs/source/stemming.rst

 The default analyzer for the :class:`whoosh.fields.TEXT` field does not do
-stemming or accent folding. In order to allow 
+stemming or accent folding.
 The stemming filter applies the stemming function to the terms it indexes, and
-to words in user queries. So 
+to words in user queries. So in theory all variations of a root word ("render",
+"rendered", "renders", "rendering", etc.) are reduced to a single term in the
+index, saving space. And all possible variations users might use in a query
+are reduced to the root, so stemming enhances "recall".
 The :class:`whoosh.analysis.StemFilter` lets you add a stemming filter to an
 analyzer chain.
 * It increases the size of the index relative to stemming, because different
   word forms are indexed separately.
 * It acts like an ``Or`` search for all the variations, which is slower than
   searching for a single term.