Mike Miller (mtmiller)

Mike Miller
d436757 strread.m: clarify delimiter and whitespace usage (bug #45712)
d3f39ab GUI-Find: keep focus on Find What and select all text when dialog opens
ab2c5e8 Allow relative paths when printing with -dpdflatex (bug #45601).
610c747 maint: Clean up code based on static analysis suggestions.
4c4d8fe strread.m: properly preprocess all forms of string format specifier (bug #45712)
Mike Miller
9c7dd58 build: Move to (bug #45646).
7ac907d Use error() rather than ::error() unless explicitly required.
d5b877b inputname.m: Rename BIST function foo to __foo__ to avoid name collisions.
fe488ff * __run_test_suite__.m: Return number of passed, failed, and skipped tests.
6947b9c doc: Change docstrings to use 'IEEE 754' rather than 'IEEE-754'.