Fix some pyobject doctests

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  1. Abhinav Tripathi
  • @pyobject/dummy.m: Fix tests to work for both python2 and python3 taking into account the latest changes in pytave to drop conversion of lists, dicts & tuples

Comments (10)

  1. Mike Miller repo owner

    Here are the test failures I get with Python 3.5 with this patch applied:

       >> sort (methods (g))
          expected:    ans =
          [1,1] = bit_length
          [2,1] = conjugate
          got     : ans = 
      [1,1] = bit_length
      [2,1] = conjugate
      [3,1] = from_bytes
      [4,1] = to_bytes
       >> x.keys ()
          expected:    ans = [pyobject ...]
          ['two', 'one']
          got     : ans = [pyobject 0x7fe43765c558]
      dict_keys(['two', 'one'])
       >> methods pyobject
          expected:    Methods for class pyobject:
       display     dummy       fieldnames  methods     pyobject    struct      subsasgn    subsref
          got     : Methods for class pyobject:
    display     fieldnames  pyobject    subsasgn
    dummy       methods     struct      subsref

    Needs work.

    1. Mike Miller repo owner

      Also note that the test in is failing similarly to the x.keys() doctest failing above:

         >> pyeval ("dict(one=1, two=2)")
            expected:    scalar structure containing the fields:
            two =  2
            one =  1
            got     : ans = [pyobject 0x7f62b1d671c8]
        {'one': 1, 'two': 2}
  2. Abhinav Tripathi author

    I have updated the PR to take into account the changes that you said. Also I could not find the failing test in pyeval that you mentioned!

    And weirdly, bitbucket did not allow me to send this PR to the @ bookmark. I had to send this to the pyargs bookmark...