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Issue #1 resolved

Can't setup Go SDK

Anonymous created an issue

I install plugin, clone 'go' hg repository build it. When I try to setup Go SDK and choose go repository folder IDE says that 'The selected directory is not a valid home for Go SDK'. I try to choose different folders within go repository, but IDE says the same. In the screenshot I see that you import all folders from $GOROOT/src/pgk, I also try to choose this folder, but nothing

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  1. Toader Mihai Claudiu repo owner

    What operating system do you have ? I only tested it on Linux / Ubuntu after i have built the cloned the go repository.

    You also need to be able to run a command similar to this:

    #bash -c /tmp/google-go-sdk-detector

    from inside the go sources folder (aka $GOROOT/src), where the /tmp/google-go-sdk-detector is the following:

    . env.bash
    echo "$GOROOT|$GOBIN|$GOOS|$GOARCH|`$GOBIN/6g -V`"

    the output should look like this:

    mtoader@desktop:~/Tools/google-go/release/src$ bash -c /tmp/google-go-sdk-detector
    /home/mtoader/Tools/google-go/release|/home/mtoader/bin|linux|amd64|6g version 6006 release release.2010-08-11

    Once i finish the compiling implementation i'll post another version and i would like to really know why it didn't work for you.

    Thanks to checking this out.


  2. Anonymous

    Ha! The problem was in env var GOBIN - in installation instructions it optional. When I declare GOBIN var IDEA found SDK properly. Thanks! P.S. I use ubuntu 9.10.

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