Byron Clark avatar Byron Clark committed 6d8900e

Mount notification cleanup.

Make import consistent with the rest of the code.
Use the device file provided by udisks in the notification.
Move the notification out of the dbus try/catch.

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 import dbus
 import gobject
+import pynotify
 import udiskie.device
-import os
-from pynotify import init as NotifyInitialize
-from pynotify import Notification
 class DeviceState:
     def __init__(self, mounted):
         self.mounted = mounted
                 device.mount(filesystem, options)
       'mounted device %s' % (device,))
-		Notification('Device mounted',
-                             '%s mounted on %s' % (os.path.basename(str(device)),
-                             	                   ', '.join(device.mount_paths())),
-                             'drive-removable-media').show()
             except dbus.exceptions.DBusException, dbus_err:
                 self.log.error('failed to mount device %s: %s' % (device,
+                return
+            mount_paths = ', '.join(device.mount_paths())
+            pynotify.Notification('Device mounted',
+                                  '%s mounted on %s' % (device.device_file(),
+                                                        mount_paths),
+                                  'drive-removable-media').show()
     def mount_present_devices(self):
         """Mount handleable devices that are already present."""
         log_level = logging.DEBUG
     logging.basicConfig(level=log_level, format='%(message)s')
-    NotifyInitialize('udiskie.mount')
+    pynotify.init('udiskie.mount')
     mounter = AutoMounter()
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