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desmaj  committed 7d394c7

hopefully releasing the outgoing protocol will be a bugfix for TRAC-150

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  • Branches TRAC-150

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File daemon/orbited/cometsession.py

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         return self.connections[path]
     def removeConn(self, conn):
-        self.logger.debug("before removeConn: %s",
-                          len(objgraph.by_type(TCPConnectionResource)))
         if conn.key in self.connections:
             del self.connections[conn.key]
-        self.logger.debug("after removeConn: %s",
-                          len(objgraph.by_type(TCPConnectionResource)))
     def connectionMade(self, conn):

File daemon/orbited/proxy.py

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     def outgoingConnectionLost(self, outgoingConn, reason):
         self.logger.debug("remoteConnectionLost %s" % reason)
+        # forget about the outgoing protocol so that it can get cleaned up
+        self.outgoingConn = None
     def write(self, data):
 #        data = base64.b64encode(data)