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-- michael intro
-- jacob intro
-- m comet?
-- m comet is
-- j sounds like a socket
-- j who uses a socket?
--m no, no no
--m firewalls routers
--m java/flash has this already
--j so whats this architecture for comet then?
--m ajax up, comet down, two servers
--j api
--m comet.receive(cb); where cb = function(data);
--j so you have ajax for send, and comet for receive
--m right
--j so thats just a socket. lets call it a socket. people in here already use sockets, so they'll like this
--m tomato toe-mah-to -- you're playing word games
--j well, how would you make an irc client?
--m so you admit you're playing word games
--j no, I'm illustrating a point. how would you make an irc client?
--m like this.... with a bridge
--j so is the browser actually getting all of the information that a desktop client
--m oh, of course. json. thats the whole point of the irc bridge.
--j ok, so what about xmpp
--m same way, with a bridge... 
--j ok, so this is my point. 
--j what a lot of people seem to think is that the socket is just a new name
--j dion almear for example
--j but its not just about this part, its about integration with the back
--j all these servers operate over TCP
--j and even with a bridge the browser has to understand each part of the protocol
--j so instead of writing a bridge each time, lets write a SINGLE bridge
--j one that bridges from comet + ajax to TCP
--j then we just implment the protocol in the browser
--j and not write any additional server code.
--m whoa slow down there