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updated Orbited.js to export jsio.logging and recompiled it

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File daemon/orbited/js_src/Orbited.js

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 jsio('import Class');
+jsio('import jsio.logging');
 jsio('from jsio.protocols.mspp import MSPPStream, MSPPProtocol');
-var multiplexer = null;
+exports.logging = jsio.logging;
 // autodetect host + port!!!
 exports.settings = { 'host': 'localhost', 'port': 8000, 'path': '/csp'};
+var multiplexer = null;
 exports.TCPSocket = Class(MSPPStream, function() {
     this.init = function() {

File daemon/orbited/js_src/compile.sh

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-echo "enter the location of jsio"
-read jsio
-jsio_compile orbited.pkg --vv -j $jsio -o ../static/Orbited.js
+jsio_compile orbited.pkg -j $JSIO_PATH -o ../static/Orbited.js