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Update docstrings in errordocument.py

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         app = RecursiveMiddleware(app)
         # Set up the error document forwarding
-        from paste.error_document import forward
+        from paste.errordocument import forward
         app = forward(app, codes={404:'/error404.html'})
     If you wanted to write an application to handle all your error docuemnts
     in a consitent way you might do this::
-        from paste.error_document import custom_forward
+        from paste.errordocument import custom_forward
         from paste.recursive import RecursiveMiddleware
         from urllib import urlencode
-    For example the ``paste.error_document.forward`` middleware actaully
+    For example the ``paste.errordocument.forward`` middleware actaully
     uses ``custom_forward``. It looks like this::
     def forward(app, codes):