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note return value of form.submit

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     def _gen_request(self, method, url, params='', headers=None, extra_environ=None,
              status=None, upload_files=None, expect_errors=False):
-        Do a generic request.  
+        Do a generic request.
         if headers is None:
             headers = {}
                                  upload_files=None, expect_errors=expect_errors)
     def _set_headers(self, headers, environ):
             tag='a', href_attr='href',
-            id=linkid, 
+            id=linkid,
             index=index, verbose=verbose)
         Any extra keyword arguments are passed to the ``.get()`` or
         ``.post()`` method.
+        Returns a response object.
         fields = self.submit_fields(name, index=index)
         return self.response.goto(self.action, method=self.method,
     def __init__(self, form, tag, name, pos,
                  value='', id=None, **attrs):
-        #text fields default to empty string        
+        #text fields default to empty string
         Field.__init__(self, form, tag, name, pos,
                        value=value, id=id, **attrs)
 Field.classes['text'] = Text
 class Textarea(Text):
     Field representing ``<input type="submit">`` and ``<button>``
     settable = False
     def value__get(self):
         if script_path is None:
             if sys.platform == 'win32':
                 script_path = environ.get('PATH', '').split(';')
-            else:       
+            else:
                 script_path = environ.get('PATH', '').split(':')
         self.script_path = script_path
         if cwd is None: