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Ian Bicking  committed 7d61619

Get rid of misused .remote() method (should have been .delete()): http://trac.pythonpaste.org/pythonpaste/ticket/310

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     This method removes all entries of the corresponding header from
     the given collection (``environ`` or ``response_headers``), e.g.,
-    ``USER_AGENT.remove(environ)`` deletes the 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' entry
+    ``USER_AGENT.delete(environ)`` deletes the 'HTTP_USER_AGENT' entry
     from the ``environ``.
   ``update(collection, *args, **kwargs)``
         value = self.__call__(*args, **kwargs)
         if not value:
-            self.remove(collection)
+            self.delete(collection)
         if type(collection) == dict:
             collection[self._environ_name] = value