Ian Bicking avatar Ian Bicking committed 96c94ba

Allow server_address tuples that are longer (specifically for IPv6 support: http://trac.pythonpaste.org/pythonpaste/ticket/275)

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         if endslash and path != '/':
             # Put the slash back...
             path += '/'
-        (server_name, server_port) = self.server.server_address
+        (server_name, server_port) = self.server.server_address[:2]
         rfile = self.rfile
         if 'HTTP/1.1' == self.protocol_version and \
         threadpool.  See paste.httpserver.ThreadPool for specific
         options (``threadpool_workers`` is a specific option that can
         also go here).
         The 'backlog' argument to socket.listen(); specifies the
     if converters.asbool(start_loop):
         protocol = is_ssl and 'https' or 'http'
-        host, port = server.server_address
+        host, port = server.server_address[:2]
         if host == '':
             print 'serving on view at %s://' % \
                 (port, protocol, port)
         When threads are killed or the process restarted, this email
         address will be contacted (using an SMTP server on localhost).
     #serve(dump_environ, ssl_pem="test.pem")
     serve(dump_environ, server_version="Wombles/1.0",
           protocol_version="HTTP/1.1", port="8888")
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