paste / setup.cfg

tag_build = dev
tag_svn_revision = true

command_packages = buildutils.pudge_command, buildutils.publish_command

organization = Python Paste
highlighter = pygments
settings = no_about=true
        link1=/news.html news
	link2=/deploy/ paste.deploy
	link3=/script/ paste.script
	link4=/download/ download
	extra_credits=Hosting courtesy of <a href=""></a>
dest = docs/html
docs = docs/index.txt docs/DeveloperGuidelines.txt docs/StyleGuide.txt
	docs/testing-applications.txt docs/url-parsing-with-wsgi.txt
	docs/community/index.txt docs/community/mailing-list.txt
	docs/develop-example.txt docs/developer-features.txt
	docs/enabled.txt docs/install-example.txt
	docs/related-projects.txt docs/news.txt
title = Paste
modules = paste
doc_base = docs/
theme =
mailing_list_url = /community/mailing-list.html
exclude_modules = paste.script paste.deploy paste.webkit
	paste.util.subprocess24 paste.util.doctest24
	paste.util.string24 paste.util.UserDict24
organization_url =
trac_url =

doc-dest = scp://
make-dirs = 1
doc-dir = docs/html

distribute = register sdist bdist_egg upload pudge publish
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