Michael Richardson avatar Michael Richardson committed 5187fc6

Don't throw a ValueError on an unknown emitter - instead, give back a nice error message.

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         except Exception, e:
             result = self.error_handler(e, request, meth)
-        emitter, ct = Emitter.get(em_format)
+        try:
+            emitter, ct = Emitter.get(em_format)
+        except ValueError:
+            response = rc.BAD_REQUEST
+            response.content = "Unknown format: %s" % em_format
+            return response
         fields = handler.fields
         if hasattr(handler, 'list_fields') and (
                 isinstance(result, list) or isinstance(result, QuerySet)):


         resp = self.client.post('/api/issue58.json', outgoing, content_type='application/json',
         self.assertEquals(resp.status_code, 201)
+class TestBadEmitter(MainTests):
+    def test_unknown_emitter(self):
+        data = {"msg": "hi!", "format": "json"}
+        response = self.client.get("/api/echo", data)
+        self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 200)
+        data["format"] = "xm"
+        response = self.client.get("/api/echo", data)
+        self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 400)
+        self.assertEqual("Unknown format: xm", response.content)
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