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New options for Research Completed or In Progress

And for rendering the status.

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+%% The guideline have "Research Completed" or "Research in progress"
+%% beneath the title. It is unclear whether this needs to go under
+%% the final paper or not. We lay out some infrastructure
+%% options for the actual status
+\DeclareComplementaryOption{inprogress}{completed} % Hm, this apparently doesn't define a booleas \amcis@inprogress
+    \setboolean{completed}{true}
+    \setboolean{inprogress}{false}
+    \def\amcis@status{Completed Research Paper}
+    \setboolean{completed}{false}
+    \setboolean{inprogress}{true}
+    \def\amcis@status{Research-in-Progress}
 %% This passes every unknown option on
-   {\LARGE\textbf{\@title}}
+   {\LARGE\titlefont\textbf{\@title}} %% Guidelines are 18pt Arial, this is 17.28
+   %% The guidelines have that part with 12pt Georgia. \large is 12pt
+   %% It looks much bigger in the guidelines though
+   %% We make it Large, which is 14pt but looks a bit more like the guidelines
+   %{\ifamcis@renderstatus\large\textit{\amcis@status}\fi}
+   {\ifamcis@renderstatus\Large\textit{\amcis@status}\fi}