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Clear the language field in the bibliography

The template doesn't have it and it looks a bit ugly, too.

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 % 5. Tractinsky, N. (1997) Aesthetics and apparent usability: Empirically assessing cultural and methodological issues, in Steve Pemberton (Ed.) Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems (CHI 97), March 22 – 27, Atlanta, GA, USA, ACM Press, 115-122.
 % So 4 and 5 do have "in" preceding the editors, but 1 does not. Maybe only conferences do have "in".
+%% We clear the language field as the template doesn't have that
+%% As per
+\AtEveryBibitem{\clearlist{language}} % clears language
 % To get the "et al" behaviour only after the first sight