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Bottle-DAL is a plugin that integrates Web2py DAL Database Abstraction Layer with your Bottle application. It automatically connects to a database at the beginning of a request, passes the database handle to the route callback and closes the connection afterwards.

To automatically detect routes that need a database connection, the plugin searches for route callbacks that require a db keyword argument (configurable) and skips routes that do not. This removes any overhead for routes that don't need a database connection.

Usage Example:

from bottle import route, view, run, debug, install from bottle_dal import DALPlugin, Field

def define_tables(db):
"""My tables definitions here""" db.define_table('person',Field('name','string'))
define_tables = lambda db: define_tables(db)))

@Route('/') def index(db):

""" Index Example """

if db(>0).count()==0:
db.person.insert(name='James') db.person.insert(name='Michael') db.person.insert(name='Steve') db.person.insert(name='Robert') db.commit()

persons = db(>0).select()

return dict(persons=persons.json())

if __name__ == '__main__':
debug(True) run(host='localhost', port=8080)