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New version instantpress.2.1.2.w2p New editor: Cleditor. New upload system. Upload to static (no streaming). Some fixes.


Instant Press is an open source CMS developed in Web2py Framework (Python language). Instant Press is simple, easy to use and attractive. Upload to your web2py framework and you are ready to start!

This site cover the newer version of instant press (2.0+). Older version go to:

Last Version: 2.1.2

Main features

  • Free and Open Source, written in python using web2py framework. (License: MIT)
  • Manage articles, pages, categories and uploads.
  • Hierarchy pages. Multiples levels of hierarchy in pages.
  • Admin users, and groups.
  • Base layout by getskeleton.
  • Comment system, and disqus
  • Feed articles and comments.


  • Web2py Framework you need at least version 1.99.4.
  • Python 2.5, 2.6, 2.7.
  • Python PIL imaging Note: Google appengine is not supported.


1. Get the .w2p file from downloads and use web2py admin to upload the application.

2. Visit the new application in you browser like localhost:8000/mysite and the first time, a new user "Admin" are going to be created, write down the password, then log in with this info.

3. In the bottom of the site there an small link called "Admin panel" to access to the administration panel.




New admin user created Admin created

Admin panel Admin panel

List pages List

Edit a page Edit

Hierarchy Herarchy

Admin users Users

Subpages Subpage