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Ahmed Medhat
created an issue

Dear All,

I want to understand the following lines in the code : 1. What is template<int lx, int ly> represents in the sad_x4 function ? 2. How this line works in the full search function in the motion estimation pixel *pix_base = fref + tmv.y * stride + tmv.x; 3. How to determine the Prediction Block size ?

Thanks in advance, Waiting for your reply,,, Regards.

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  1. Steve Borho

    That template is instantiated for each HEVC block size in the setup function at the bottom of pixel.cpp, to create an array of function pointers indexed by luma partition size (see enums and tables in primitives.h). In motionEstimation() this luma block size enum is used to index into the function pointer table so the correct block shape comparison is performed.

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