Slight build problem on OSX + possible fix

Issue #46 resolved
David Favor created an issue

I'm attempting to add x265 to MacPorts to create a working x265 CLI program + library which can be used with ffmpeg.

There is a minor problem when the shared object library is created.

The path stanza in the library header is a relative path, rather than an absolute path using $PREFIX/lib, so linking against the library works + programs fail at runtime, as they are unable to locate the library. is the ticket I opened with MacPorts, which suggests that setting INSTALL_NAME_DIR in CMakeLists.txt will resolve this problem.

This is a request to set this property, so library access works at runtime.

Version I'm using is latest hg pull...

David-Favor-iMac# hg log --limit=1 changeset: 6667:8273932bc5b7 tag: tip user: Steve Borho date: Thu Apr 03 20:32:49 2014 -0500 summary: cli: add missing --no-dither option to getopt list


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  1. Steve Borho

    what version of cmake are you using? There is quite a bit of churn in this area on their tip

    I'm not quite sure how much of this is a packaging issue that really does deserve to live in MacPorts and how much we should try to handle in our own cmake script, because you can pass -DINSTALL_NAME_DIR to cmake on the command line when you build x265's Makefiles.

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