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x265 / RoadMap

x265 Development Road Map

MulticoreWare will be focusing on these feature deliverables:

  1. Add support for Range Extensions

    • Main10, 444, and 422 completed. All but Main10 are considered experimental until the range extensions are ratified.
    • Main12 profiles TBD
  2. HRD compliant rate control

    • adapt x264 VBV code for HEVC HRD; delete related HM code
    • adapt x264 row-based QP updates for WPP done; review and difficult test cases welcome
  3. 1080p at 30 fps on the hardware of our choice: 1080p30 possible today with ultrafast preset

    • Replace the HM CABAC and bit counter classes with x264's CABAC functions incomplete
    • identify and configure standard performance presets in progress
    • continue to identify areas where compression / performance can be traded in progress
    • distribute CU inter/intra analysis to worker threads. This will allow -F3 to saturate a many core server, making --b-adapt 1 as fast as --b-adapt 0 and greatly improve quality at 30fps. in progress
  4. OpenCL acceleration

Because of the proprietary nature of the OpenCL target hardware, this last work will happen in a private fork. The fork will be opened as soon as the target hardware is available for sale, or when the fork is used commercially, whichever happens first (or perhaps sooner). Non-proprietary changes will be periodically posted to the mailing list for review and merge.

All the other work will be done either in public forks that will be linked from this wiki page, or they will go directly through the mailing list.

Places we would really love some help:

  • Review of rate control features already implemented - CRF, Cutree (mbtree adapted from x264), single-pass ABR and VBV adapted from x264.
  • SSIM mode decision and other psyops

See also TODO list