License FAQ enchancement suggestion: Clearify that it is under GPLV2 or later

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Josef A created an issue

Hi and thanks for your wonderful efforts.

Problem:Recently i intended to distribute an ffmpeg binary linking to both an lib with an Apache 2.0 license lib, and libx265, which, could lead to the final binary be released under GPLv3 then. Or could it? The FFmpeg documentation stated that libx265 was GPLv2 or later - then it would be perfectly fine. However when looking at your license FAQ I could only find that it was under GPLv2 (missing the or later), which would make my use case impossible
After asking a around a user finally looked at the source code -- there it was, more explicitly "or later” also. Discussion:

But to makes this even clearer , i suggest that you clearify this in your licensing FAQ document with a simple fix - add ""is under GPLv2 or (at your option) any later version.* or GPLv2++ or something a like, just as stated in the license text in the source code itself.

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