Jasic is an exercise in simplicity and pedagogy. It is a complete standalone
interpreter for a dialect of the original BASIC language that fits inside a
single .java file. It handles tokenizing, parsing, interpreting, output,
variables, expressions, and flow control, like a full-scale compiler or
interpreter, just in miniature. I tried to keep the code simple and readable
while still being terse.

If you've ever wanted a gentle introduction to how programming languages work
under the hood, Jasic is a good place to start.

Getting Started

You can build Jasic using your big IDE of choice, but the simplest way is just
through the command line. Open a command prompt and navigate to the main Jasic
directory (where this file is), then do:

> javac com/stuffwithstuff/

This compiles the code. To run it, ented:

> java com.stuffwithstuff.Jasic <script>

Where it says <script> fill in the path to some .jas file containing Jasic code.
Here's one:

> java com.stuffwithstuff.Jasic sample/mandel.jas

More Info

The real information about Jasic, including the language syntax and how the
interpreter works is all in with the code, so go ahead and read through

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Cheers!