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GGAP is a frontend for GAP computer algebra system (http://www.gap-system.org).

1. GGAP compiled with python support provides built-in 'ggap' python module
which allows some control over the application, and it provides GAP shared
package which provides access to python interpreter from GAP.
2. GGAP has built-in simple text editor.
3. GGAP works on windows and therefore it provides windows-user-friendly
environment for using GAP - copy/paste, buttons, menus and such.
4. Surely it provides this for non-windows users too.

It should work on MS Windows, Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X, and I don't know what else.
I does work on Linux and Windows 2000/XP, not tested on other systems.
It does not work on cygwin currently (should it?).

For installation instructions see INSTALL file in the source directory.

Feature requests/comments/bug reports/questions are highly appreciated. You
can write to muntyan@math.tamu.edu and/or use bug tracking system at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/ggap . Often you can find me at #gtk+
irc channel at irc.freenode.net, my nick is 'muntyan'.

See GGAP home page http://ggap.sourceforge.net for latest release.