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General Information

medit is a GTK text editor. Started as an editor component of GGAP
(, it grew up to a real full-featured
text editor.

medit is free software, released under GNU GPL license. See the LICENSE
file in this distribution for details.

The web site is:
releases are located at:


See INSTALL file in this distribution.

Bug reports and contact

Report bugs and file feature requests in medit bug base at .
You can also send email to if you don't feel like
using bug base, or have any questions/comments/beer.
medit IRC channel is #ggap at

Provide information available from menu Help > System Info
along with bug report. See also INSTALL file for instructions on how to
build medit for better debugging information.


medit sources are tracked using mercurial, therefore there is no
CVS or SVN access. You may browse medit repository online at To check out a copy of medit
repository, install mercurial, and do
hg clone
This will create a new directory named 'moo' with medit sources inside.
To update them later on, do
hg pull; hg update
in this directory.