PsBamboo PowerShell module ========================== [![Build status](]( PsBamboo is a PowerShell module that provides a wrapper for [Bamboo][bamboo] [REST API][bambooapi] to allow easy and fast authenticated access to [Bamboo CI][bamboo] in a scriptable and automatable manner. The module handles both authenticated and anonymous methods, it supports paged reading and manipulation of the following [Bamboo][bamboo] resources: `Project`, `Plan`, `PlanBranch`, `Build`, `Artifact`, `Server`, `CurrentUser` In addition to several already implemented functions, it also provides generic Cmdlets to access any not yet covered [Bamboo REST API][bambooapi] resources too. ## Installation PsBamboo is available via [PsGet][psget] or via [PowerShell Gallery ][psgallery], so you can simply install it with the following command: ```powershell Install-Module PsBamboo ``` Of course you can download and install the module manually too from [Downloads][download] ## Usage ```powershell Import-Module PsBamboo ``` ## Examples Try and execute the sample scripts in the [Examples folder][examples] against your local Bamboo server to see all the Cmdlets in action or call `help` on any of the PsBamboo cmdlets. ![Intro]( ### Server and Authentication ```powershell # Set the target Bamboo Server Set-BambooServer -Url 'http://localhost:8085' # Set login credentials for further cmdlets Set-BambooAuthentication -Credential (Get-Credential) # Get the current authenticated user details Get-BambooCurrentUser ``` ### Build cmdlets ```powershell # List all the latest build results Get-BambooBuild # Get the latest or all build results for a specific Plan Get-BambooBuild -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' Get-BambooBuild -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -All # Start a new build or resume a pause build Start-BambooBuild -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' Resume-BambooBuild -BuildKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY-2' # Execute all manual stages for a build Start-BambooBuild -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -ExecuteAllStages # Read logs from a specific build job Get-BambooBuildLog -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -StageKey JOB1 ``` ![Log and Resume]( ### Project cmdlets ```powershell # List all projects Get-BambooProject # Detail a specific Project defined by the -ProjectKey Get-BambooProject -ProjectKey 'PRJKEY' ``` ### Plan cmdlets ```powershell # List all Bamboo Plans Get-BambooPlan # List all Bamboo Plans for a specific Project Get-BambooPlan -ProjectKey 'PRJKEY' # Get details for a specific Plan Get-BambooPlan -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' # Disable/Enable a specific Plan Disable-BambooPlan -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' Enable-BambooPlan -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' # Clone/Copy a BambooPlan to a new Plan Copy-BambooPlan -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -NewPlanKey 'PRJKEY-NEWPLAN' ``` ### Plan-Branch cmdlets ```powershell # Create a new PlanBranch to a VCS-branch $BranchName='pester' Add-BambooPlanBranch -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -BranchName $BranchName -VcsBranch 'feature/pester' # Enable/Disable PlanBranches Enable-BambooPlanBranch -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -BranchName $BranchName Disable-BambooPlanBranch -PlanKey 'PRJKEY-PLANKEY' -BranchName $BranchName ``` Note: Plan-branches are technically child-plans for regular plans in Bamboo, which means most of the Plan cmdlets can be used for PlanBranches too, by passing their PlanKey. ## Documentation Cmdlets and functions for PsBamboo have their own help PowerShell help, which you can read with `help <cmdlet-name>`. [PsBamboo Wiki][wiki] is also added to this project with some more information. ## Versioning PsBamboo aims to adhere to [Semantic Versioning 2.0.0][semver]. ## Issues In case of any issues, raise an [issue ticket][issues] in this repository and/or feel free to contribute to this project if you have a possible fix for it. ## Development * Source hosted at [BitBucket][repo] * Report issues/questions/feature requests on [Bitbucket Issues][issues] Pull requests are very welcome! Make sure your patches are well tested with [Pester][pester]. Ideally create a topic branch for every separate change you make. For example: 1. Fork the [repo][repo] 2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`) 3. Commit your changes (`git commit -am 'Added some feature'`) 4. Make sure `Invoke-Pester` tests are passing with all your changes 5. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-feature`) 6. Create new Pull Request ## Authors Created and maintained by [Akos Murati][muratiakos] (<>). ## License Apache License, Version 2.0 (see [LICENSE][LICENSE]) [repo]: [wiki]: [issues]: [examples]: Examples/ [bamboo]: [bambooapi]: [muratiakos]: [license]: LICENSE [semver]: [psget]: [pester]: [psgallery]: [download]: