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Richard Murray repo owner created an issue

On 20 Sep 2010, Karl said: No entry for car-steering how about making a pointer to vehicle-steering?

RMM response: I think I made the decision to not use the word "car", but rather "automotive". Hence, if you look for "car steering", you should go down the following path:

  • car, see automotive control systems
  • automotive control systems, see also vehicle steering
  • vehicle steering takes you to the right place

I think we can easily add an entry that says

  • car, see automotive control systems; vehicle steering

Sound OK? Or should we add a second entry that says

  • car steering, see vehicle steering

For the Dubins car: it's certainly true that people refer to this as the bicycle model, but of course our bicycle (dynamics) model, starting on p 69, is completely different from this. Do we want to say something about that?

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  1. Richard Murray reporter

    Further back and forth on this: Karl: The heading for Example 2.8 reads

    Example 2.8 Vehicle steering - the bicycle model

    and there is a preamble, maybe that is the place to do some word smithing.

    Richard: Indeed! That's what I get for just looking at page 53 instead of the reading the whole example...

    In addition to the title, there is actually some explanatory text in the caption to Fig 2.16 that says "By approximating the motion of the front and rear pairs of wheels by a single front wheel and a single rear wheel, we obtain an abstraction called the {\em bicycle model}, shown on the right." I'll put a note to see if we want to bring some of that text into the main body of the example in the next edition.

    Also: "bicycle model, for vehicle steering" is in the index and points to this example.

  2. Richard Murray reporter

    Changes implemented. We how have the following entires related to car examples:

    • automotive control systems, see also cruise control; vehicle steering
    • bicycle model, for vehicle steering
    • car, see automotive control systems; cruise control; vehicle steering
    • vehicle steering, see also ship dynamics

    The last entry comes from the new tanker steering example in Chapter 5 (dynamics).

    Most of these changes were already in place, but commit 20f0c5e has some small fixes additional changes related to resolving this issue.

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