Update fonts to use PUP fonts or other family with good math symbols/spacing

Issue #35 resolved
Richard Murray repo owner created an issue

The current fonts that are being used for the draft version (mathptmx = Times Roman fonts w/ math fixes) generates a lot of ugly symbols and bad kerning for some subscripts. We need to identify a final font choice that looks better.

Things to check

  • \mathcal fonts (e.g., {\mathcal N}, {\mathcal C}, {\mathcal P})
  • summation side
  • subscripts (e.g., {\omega_\text{b}})
  • \widebar (doesn't exist in mathptmx)

Comments (2)

  1. Richard Murray reporter

    The new version of the PUP style files using Computer Modern fonts instead of Times Roman and this fixes up the math problems that we were seeing.

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