Change example (or add exercise) on stability of center when solution curves are non-circular [dynamics]

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Richard Murray repo owner created an issue

The current example of stability in Ch 5 (dynamics) uses a linear system with purely circular trajectories to illustrate a center. If we change the second equation from

\dot x_2 = -x_1


\dot x_2 = -\lambda x_1

Then the circles will change to ellipses and this might be more illustrative. We should think about this as a possible change in the main text, but if it is too disruptive then it could just be an exercise. Main goal is to get something where $\epsilon$ and $\delta are different.

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  1. Richard Murray reporter

    Resolved in commit 564275a. Changed the parameters of the oscillator to give (slight) ellipses, added circles to diagram, and updated text to explain what is going on.

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