Sort out proper usage of "command signal" versus "reference signal"

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Richard Murray repo owner created an issue

In Ch 2 we use the term "command signal" for the input to a control system and talk about the reference value $r$ as an example. In other places we use the term "reference signal". Need to decide on a word pattern and be consistent.

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  1. Richard Murray reporter

    In the index for the first edition I found the following comment:

    % command signal for general inputs
    % reference signal in tracking applications
    % avoid use of reference value
    % setpoint in PID (for roughly constant r)

    Need to go through and see if this allows for a consistent usage in Ch 2 versus other chapters.

  2. Richard Murray reporter

    Changed command signal following to reference signal tracking in most places (including command -> reference and following -> tracking). Also cleaned up "tracking mode" indexing. Updates in commit 70995b5.

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