What is this repository for?

  • MPDConnector is an implementation of the generic ConnectorProtocol interface specification to control a network based music player. The implementation uses libmpdclient to control mpd-based players of version 0.19 and up.
  • These two frameworks are the foundation of the Rigelian MPD client, for more info see

What are the building blocks of this Library?

  • The implementation relies heavily on reactive constructs, using RxSwift.
  • ConnectorProtocol consist of five sub-protocols, all of which are implemented in this framework:
    • PlayerProtocol defines a basic player, access status, control and browse implementation, plus functions to maintain player-specific settings.
    • PlayerBrowserProtocol is a generic protocol to detect players on the network.
    • StatusProtocol is a protocol through which the connection status of a player, as well as the music-playing status can be monitored.
    • ControlProtocol is a protocol through which commands can be sent to a player, like play, pause, add a song etc.
    • BrowseProtocol is a protocol through which you can browse through the music on a player. It defines various ViewModels for artists, albums, genres etc.
  • The protocol is meant to be independent of the target platform (iOS, MacOS, tvOS). However testing is only done on iOS.

How do I get set up?

  • For now you will have to manually copy MPDConnector into a project.
  • MPDConnector depends on the following libraries:


  • A set of unit tests is included, with limited coverage.

Who do I talk to?

  • In case of questions you can contact berrie at rigelian dot net