Setup.hs:22:5: Not in scope: ‘catch’

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Pradip Caulagi
created an issue

I just cloned the repo and tried cabal install but I get the following error -

➜  /tmp  hg clone
warning: certificate with fingerprint 45:ad:ae:1a:cf:0e:73:47:06:07:e0:88:f5:cc:10:e5:fa:1c:f7:99 not verified (check hostfingerprints or web.cacerts config setting)
destination directory: bsd-sysctl
requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 20 changesets with 35 changes to 9 files
updating to branch default
9 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
➜  /tmp 

➜  /tmp  cd bsd-sysctl 

➜  bsd-sysctl  cabal install
Resolving dependencies...
In order, the following will be installed:
bsd-sysctl-1.0.7 (reinstall)
Warning: Note that reinstalls are always dangerous. Continuing anyway...
Configuring bsd-sysctl-1.0.7...
Failed to install bsd-sysctl-1.0.7
Last 10 lines of the build log ( /home/pcaulagi/.cabal/logs/bsd-sysctl-1.0.7.log ):
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
bsd-sysctl-1.0.7 failed during the configure step. The exception was:
user error (
Setup.hs:22:5: Not in scope: ‘catch’
➜  bsd-sysctl

I can fix this as -

➜  bsd-sysctl  hg diff Setup.hs 
diff -r f9ee2ea945cf Setup.hs
--- a/Setup.hs  Tue Feb 28 22:00:12 2012 +0100
+++ b/Setup.hs  Sun May 03 22:13:02 2015 +0530
@@ -19,4 +19,3 @@
 removePreProcessedFiles dir = do
   putStrLn $ "Trying to remove source in: " ++ dir
   removeFile (dir </> "System/BSD/Sysctl.hs")
-    `catch` \_ -> putStrLn "Could not find source file!" >> return ()
➜  bsd-sysctl

Is this ok or am I missing something?