bsd-sysctl / bsd-sysctl.cabal

Name:		bsd-sysctl
Version:	1.0.4
License-File:	LICENSE
License:	BSD3
Author:		Maxime Henrion
Copyright:	2009, Maxime Henrion
Maintainer:	Maxime Henrion <>
Category:	System, BSD
Synopsis:	Access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface
  This module provides efficient access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface via the
  Haskell FFI.
  It allows to read and write both basic sysctl types, as well as complex opaque
  types (typically C structures) described via Storable instances.
Build-Type:	Custom
Cabal-Version:	>= 1.2
Tested-with:	GHC ==6.10
Data-Files:	demo/Demo.hsc demo/demo.cabal demo/demo.output demo/Setup.hs

  Build-Depends:	base
  Exposed-Modules:	System.BSD.Sysctl
  Extensions:		ForeignFunctionInterface, ScopedTypeVariables,
                        TypeSynonymInstances, FlexibleInstances
  GHC-Options:		-Wall -O2 -funbox-strict-fields
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