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Add an instance for Ratio.

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 import Data.Int
 import Data.Word
+import Data.Ratio
 import GHC.Generics
 class DeepSeq a where
 instance DeepSeq a => DeepSeq (Maybe a)
 instance (DeepSeq a, DeepSeq b) => DeepSeq (Either a b)
+-- We cannot derive an instance for Ratio automatically, because it is an
+-- abstract datatype (it doesn't export its constructors), and doesn't provide
+-- a Generic instance either.
+instance (Integral a, DeepSeq a) => DeepSeq (Ratio a) where
+  deepseq x = deepseq (denominator x) . deepseq (numerator x)
 class GDeepSeq f where
   gdeepseq :: f a -> b -> b
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