huffman / Data / Compression / Huffman.hs

module Huffman where

import Data.List (intercalate)
import Control.Arrow (first,second)
import qualified Data.PriorityQueue.FingerTree as PQ
import Data.Sequence as S

data Bit = Zero | One

instance Show Bit where
  show Zero = "0"
  show One  = "1"

data HuffmanTree a = Empty
                   | Node (HuffmanTree a) (HuffmanTree a)
                   | Leaf a
  deriving Show

newtype Code a = Code [(a,[Bit])]

-- Simple implementation, O(n log n).
huffman :: (Ord w, Num w) => [(a,w)] -> HuffmanTree a
huffman = build . prepare
   prepare  = PQ.fromList . map (\(x,w) -> (w, Leaf x))
   build pq =
     case PQ.minViewWithKey pq of
       Nothing -> Empty
       Just ((w,x), pq') ->
         case PQ.minViewWithKey pq' of
           Nothing -> x
           Just ((w',y), pq'') -> build $ PQ.insert (w+w') (Node x y) pq''

-- More efficient implementation, O(n).  Requires that the input
-- list of symbols and weight is sorted by increasing weight.
huffmanSorted :: (Ord w, Num w) => [(a,w)] -> HuffmanTree a
huffmanSorted = build S.empty . prepare
   prepare = S.fromList . map (first Leaf)
   dequeue s t =
     case (viewl s, viewl t) of
       (EmptyL, EmptyL)    -> Nothing
       (EmptyL, (x :< ts)) -> Just (x,s,ts)
       ((x :< ss), EmptyL) -> Just (x,ss,t)
       (((x,w) :< ss), ((y,w') :< ts))
         | w < w'    -> Just ((x,w),ss,t)
         | otherwise -> Just ((y,w'),s,ts)
   build s t =
     case dequeue s t of
       Nothing -> Empty
       Just ((x,w),s',t') ->
         case dequeue s' t' of
           Nothing -> x
           Just ((y,w'),s'',t'') -> build (s'' |> (Node x y, w+w')) t''

-- Derive the binary code from a huffman tree.
code :: HuffmanTree a -> [(a,[Bit])]
code = code' []
  where code' bits Empty      = []
        code' bits (Leaf x)   = [(x,bits)]
        code' bits (Node l r) = map (second (Zero:)) (code' bits l) ++
                                map (second (One:)) (code' bits r)

-- Pretty-print a binary code, mostly useful for debugging.
ppCode :: Show a => [(a,[Bit])] -> String
ppCode = intercalate "\n" .
           map (\(x,bits) -> show x ++ ": " ++ concat (map show bits))
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