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 .. automodule:: webhelpers.util
 .. currentmodule:: webhelpers.util
+.. autofunction:: update_params
+.. autofunction:: cgi_escape
+.. autofunction:: html_escape
+.. autofunction:: iri_to_uri
+.. autoclass:: Partial
+    :members:
+    :undoc-members:
+.. autoclass:: SimplerXMLGenerator
+    :members:
+    :undoc-members:
+.. autoclass:: UnicodeMultiDict
+    :members:
+    :undoc-members:


     This function does not handle multiple parameters with the same name.
     It will arbitrarily choose one value and discard the others.
-    *Debug mode:* if a pseudo-parameter '_debug' with a true value is passed,
+    *Debug mode:* if a pseudo-parameter ``_debug=True`` is passed,
     return a tuple: ``[0]`` is the URL without query string or fragment,
     ``[1]`` is the final query parameters as a dict, and ``[2]`` is the
     fragment part of the original URL or the empty string.
-    Usage::
+    Usage:
     >>> update_params("foo", new1="NEW1")
     >>> update_params("foo?p=1", p="2")
 class Partial(object):
-    """Partial object, which will be in Python 2.5"""
+    """
+    A partial function object.
+    Equivalent to functools.partial, which was introduced in Python 2.5.
+    """
     def __init__(*args, **kw):
         self = args[0]
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