Current status

The dashboard plugin for Wolf CMS was originally created by
tuupola. I took over maintainership for the plugin
on his request since he no longer has time to work on it.

In the changelog below, I indicated where the change in maintainer was.

Changelog – Martijn van der Kleijn


  • Added en-message.php translation file to support Wolf CMS 0.7.6+
  • Added “body_plugin_dashboard” CSS ID to all rules to prevent interference with other plugins. (thanks Marek)
  • Added polish translation. (thanks Marek)


  • Added PostgreSQL support
  • Clear function changed to use TRUNCATE instead of recursive DELETE FROM
  • Added DataTables sorter/filter
  • Merged Today, Yesterday and Others tables into one sortable/filterable table
  • Added short explainatory notes
  • Improved table html
  • Simplified controller code by removing mysql/sqlite specific code
  • Plugin DB table is no longer DROPped when plugin disabled, only when plugin uninstalled.

Changelog – Mika Tuupola


  • Plugin is now compatible with Wolf CMS 0.7.x (mvdkleijn)
  • Dutch translation by Samuel van Laere.
  • Hebrew translation by Eyal Berman.
  • German translation by Sebastian Joseph.


  • Fix install problem when system had PDO disable (aeischeid).
  • General code cleanup.
  • Limit displaying entries to last 3 months

HEADS UP! Order of $ident and $priority parameters was changed. Code is backward compatible. Still, from now on you should now use the following code in your plugins:

Observer::notify('log_event’, $message, $ident, $priority);


  • Use :username instead of [username] for custom logging.


  • Prevent direct access to enable and disable scripts.
  • Support for SQLite.
  • Log logout event.
  • Log username to separate column in database (for future use).
  • Add FamFamFam icons for pretty log event priorities.
  • Listen to general _log_event_ event. Usefull for other plugin developers who want to log their events.

NOTE! Database schema was changed. Either disable and enable the plugin after upgrading to recreate the table. This will cause you to lose your history. If you do not want to loose history run the following SQL by hand.

ALTER TABLE <table_prefix>_dashboard_log
AFTER message;


  • Use pretty date in dates. Show real date as tooltip.
  • Fix problem of before yesterday showing all log entries.


  • Log plugin and login events.


  • Initial release.