By Martijn van der Kleijn
Originally written by Andrew Waters

Licensed under an MIT style license, see license.txt


This plugin will allow you to add a registration process to your Wolf CMS site.

It adds the following tables to your wolf database:


The administration tab is only available to Site Administrators by design.


  1. First upload and unzip the file into /wolf/plugins

  2. Log in to the admin are of your site and click 'Administration'

  3. Find "Registered Users" in the list and click the checkbox to activate the

  4. Refresh the page and click the new "Registered Users" tab in the navigation.

  5. Follow the instructions on that page. You'll need to create 5 new pages on
    your site and insert the code provided in order to activate all the
    functionality of this plugin.

  6. Customise the settings of your site using the settings button on the sidebar.

  7. If you want to restrict access on your site to certain types of users, edit
    (or add) the page as you usually would. At the end of the page, be sure to
    select 'Login Required' from the drop down menu and then check the user
    types you'd like to give access to. Any groups not checked here will not be
    able to access the page.