9front/Plan 9 Ports Tree.

This allows automated downloading, building, and installing of bullshit
onto your Plan 9 system. The scripts are categorized by type and name, and the
contents of the directories are standardized.

	To contribute make a zip file with the scripts to fetch, build, install,
and clean everything needed for the application, then post the zip file to as a new issue. This will get
tested and accepted or rejected. The zip file should use the constants in
/sys/ports/Config/ports.conf and not have the actual program sources with it.
The program should successfully build and install. I also reccommend a README
in the file that has some information about the program that you deem as
important and a way to contact you.

Bug Reports:
	Post bugs on
Patches can be included and are highly encouraged.

Working with ports:
		go to where the port you want to install resides.
		mk fetch; mk build; mk install
		you're done.
		go to where the port you want to uninstall resides.
		run mk uninstall.
		you're done.

Developing for ports:
		run mk test.
		you're done.
	Adding a port:
		make a directory with the port name in the desired category.
		Create a mkfile with the required vars defined.
		test the port.
		you're done.

Be sure to read Mk/README.* for more information on specific portions of
the ports system.