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Anonymous created an issue

it would be nice if it could be enabled only per project. on larger projects it seems to slow loading of the issues

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  1. Ran Wang

    This seems a deal-breaker for me to recommend the tool to my company. We want to try this plugin within team without affecting the JIRA performance of many other software projects, some of those projects being quite large.

  2. Florian Marquardt

    Hi there, I'm happy to inform you that in the newest version of issuegraph (2.1.0) there is a feature to disable the plugin for projects. As it is still not possible to disable whole plugins for single projects (in fact this is an ongoing feature request at atlassian) issuegraph now skips rendering and displaying the graphs for disabled projects. However you will still see the issuegraph headline at the issue detail view just without any content. Hope you can work with it. Best regards

  3. Ran Wang

    The workaround requires some admin work but I think it is practical. Thanks for the followup! I will let my team know and see if that increases their interest on trying this plugin.

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